Assessing Mind Control Q&A with Dr. Preston Bailey P6

Prayer warriors against the black awakening

The subject of DID and Mind Control is highly taboo yet coming to the surface in many individuals across the world. There need to be answers, and on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval, we are going to give them. In this episode we plan to discuss programming named after Greek letters among other things.

Dr. Preston Bailey has been working to bring healing and deliverance to victims of Mind Control for over 3 decades. We will be tapping his extensive experience to answer or at least speak to many questions. The purpose of this series will be to provide a forum for live callers to get thier questions about the issues related to mind control answered by a professional.

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Interview met ex-’illuminati’ lid Jay Parker

Interview met voormalig ‘illuminati’ lid Jay Parker door Alfred Webre. Jay Parker is geboren in een multigenerationele ‘illuminati’ familie en slachtoffer geweest van trauma based mind control.

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